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Posted on September 16, 2021 by admin-wanda in Uncategorized

Well, at this point there are some “annexes” that are “mandatory”, while others may or may not be necessary, namely: Annex 2 will determine how a data protection breach should be communicated by the processor to the controller, i.e. what information the report should contain in what format and what discounts should inform the COntroller after the discovery of the data protection breach. I hope you find this useful. at least to do a “cross check”. . We use this information to improve our online help resources We will not directly track submitted feedback. Please do not send support requests through this survey. “but we`ve already described it,” well, you haven`t, because under the DPA you generally describe the whole scope, while you describe in Appendix 4 what the transfer in 3. Countries are subject. Which may not be all that is being treated.

The GDPR stipulates that controllers must contractually document the mutual commitment (their companies and partners – joint controllers /processors) of all parties involved in joint personal data processing activities (same “scope” and “purpose”). (Recitals 81, 108, 109, 168 and 28, Article 40(3), Article 42(2), Article 46(2d) and (3a)) Now, Appendix 1 should reflect the following themes (which vary from processor to processor): Attention Screen reader users, you are in a view optimized for mobile devices and the content may not be displayed where you expect it. To put the screen back in the desktop view, please maximize your browser. Annex 3 reflects the standard contractual clauses applicable in the case of subcontractors who have transmitted personal data in 3. Countries require. Please note that these are processors established in the EU who use subcontractors who are not established in the EU or whose processing of personal data does not take place in the EU (e.g. B a host). In addition, some CCS will “encircle” clauses that have already been mentioned in the document (for example. B liability; the legislation in force; others…) However, this is not a repetition, but an additional regulation resulting from the fact that personal data are now available in 3. . . .


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