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Closing Delays Can Be Frustating

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Wanda Stewart in Buyers

How does one avoid unnecessary delays in closings?

First suggestion:  It is helpful to be dealing with a local bank or mortgage lender. It is pretty difficult to get up close and personal with someone from another state or distant county. Lenders will more times than not require Buyers to provide additional information, sometimes it seems in triplicate.  Buyers need to be prompt, almost speedy in getting the information needed to the Lender.  The process is like a big wheel with spokes and each piece of paper has to travel the spoke.  If something else is needed it has to travel through the spokes of the wheel again.  If all goes well you will be successful in closing on time.  It never hurts to stay in close contract with your Lender.

Successful Closing on Time!

Successful Closing on Time!


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