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Are You Ready for the Spring Market?

Posted on April 10, 2013 by Wanda Stewart in Sellers

You want your house to be the best one in it’s price range.

How it looks from the outside will determine whether Buyers want to go inside!

Clean out the dead bugs and dirt from your outside light fixtures.

Clean out gutters and landscaped areas of fall/winter leaves.

Wash off the siding, patio, sidewalk and driveway.

Spray any weeds that will keep your yard from looking presentable. Keep the yard mowed.

Check your roof for any missing shingles.  A problem-roof will hurt your sale.

Clean, paint or replace your mailbox.

Front entry: clean, polish or replace your door’s hardware. Does the threshold need painting?

Clean or paint your front door and/or garage door.

Wash your windows-inside and out. Use a bucket with a little soap/water/windex and microfiber towel.

As soon as it’s warm enough plant some colorful flowers for a burst of color.

Add your own ideas for others to see and comment on….


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